The DokJose Team

The DokJose Team is composed of Jethro, Joanne, Robee, Leslie, Bon, and Ren – second year medical students from Batch 2020 of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health.  The team believes that patient care in the Philippines can be significantly improved if communication between the patient and physician is better. In the Philippines, although a lot of people speak English, when taking patients history and doing the physical examination, the physician converses with the patient in Filipino (or in another Philippine language in other regions). Unfortunately, there is a lack of medical educational resources that are in Filipino, more so for other Philippine languages. DokJose, a product of the combination of the team’s learnings about patient encounter and health information management that aims to solve just that. It serves as a repository for medical educational resources that are in the various Philippine languages. It can be used by medical students, professionals,  and educators alike.